Well hello, I see you have found my blog which means you are most likely an anxiety club card holder too. Welcome! Let me start off first with giving my reasons for starting this blog. Once upon a time, a wee three years ago, I was in the midst of an anxiety breakdown. The beginning when you are not really sure what is going on with you. You run to every doctor, get every test, determine that you are dying and the very popular ” I am going crazy” thought. Ah the good ol’ days. But those days are never too far behind me. I am one bad nights sleep away from being quite vulnerable to the rumination and downward thought spiral no matter how far I feel I have come.  

During that time I spent a lot of time online. Too much time which compounded the problem. I read a lot of anxiety forums and blogs and I found that they just fueled my anxiety. Reading about others peoples struggles and difficulties made me feel hopeless quite actually. This blog is not going to tell you about all the times I couldn’t leave my house or I could not get out of bed or I turned down invites because I was feeling anxious. This is going to tell you about all the times I felt that way and I did those things anyway….and I didn’t die…or make a scene….or have to be rushed to the emergency room. Nada Zilch, Zip! I may have been uncomfortable but I see anxiety like a muscle you need to work-out to make stronger. Each new time I did something in the midst of being anxious I grew my “anxiety muscle” a bit stronger. And like all transformations that involve working out, patience is required and diligence. This blog is to make you feel hopeful. To show you that other people have anxiety ( which you probably already know of course) but that you are not a hopeless case. Or crazy, and you can do things. Maybe you already do things and you came here for extra support, whatever the reason I hope you stick around!

The other reason for the blog is keeping a journal is therapeutic and I have never been good at keeping to that regimen. So my thinking is if you promise to read I promise to write everyday and in this agreement we will be helping each other. Deal? Let’s do this!