I have always had this thing about Tuesdays. Let me break it down for you.

Mondays, people like to hate on Monday but I find Monday to be refreshing. You are relaxed from the weekend. Mind is clear. Ok I laughed as I typed that. You are as relaxed and clear minded as one with anxiety can hope to be. It is a fresh start to the week, no full work week to have banged you down into the ground like a game of “Smack a Mole.
Wednesday, it is hump day. You are halfway there. Downward stretch
Thursday, Thirsty Thursdays. People go out. People feel relaxed because they know there is only one more day left to go. It holds a lot of promise.
Friday, I don’t even need to explain this one.
Saturday and Sunday, Most of us don’t have to be at work. Enough said.

But then there is Tuesday. It seemingly has no redeeming qualities. It is not a fresh start. It is not halfway; it is right at the point where you are still climbing uphill with the weight of Monday on your shoulders. It is blah. Just kind of there taking up space until you get to the hump and then down to the weekend.I make it a rule to do something fun on Tuesdays. Give it some life.

What does this have to do with anxiety? Well whenever I am having one of those days, weeks, months when you just feel detached. Kind of blah, you are there and you are doing things but you are not truly engaged as you could be. I say “I feel like a Tuesday”. I bring this up because you might see me say it throughout the life of this blog. I don’t want to confuse you. So to recap: “I feel like a Tuesday” = blah. Everybody got it?

One of the things I use to struggle with was saying out loud that I felt anxious or depressed because those words hold so much weight. They hold a lot of stigma as well. Unfair stigma but such is the world. So saying I feel like a Tuesday took some of the weight off. And the thing is, Tuesdays turn into Wednesdays that turn into Thursdays, etc. The point is just because I felt like a Tuesday today, eventually I would feel like a Thursday or a Saturday, and sometimes a Monday. It is impermanent. And knowing that the feeling is just a feeling and it will break also took some of the power and weight out of it.

So if you too struggle with labeling what you are feeling anxiety or depression or whatever the word I encourage you to give it a name. Giving it a name, especially a silly one, will help treat it more like a pest that will come and go ( like Tuesdays) rather than this permanent state of being with scary things attached to it. You can then say things like ” Ugh Pesky Paula showed up again today, I am not going to feed her thus she will not grow” Or “the Boogey Man came out from under my bed last night and is lingering around but soon enough he will go back under the bed” It is important to note these things may be best said in your head and not out loud 🙂

Now make sure to do something fun this fine Tuesday to celebrate the day with no redeeming qualities and put all the other days to shame!