“All at once, the world can overwhelm me

There’s almost nothing that you could tell me

That could ease my mind.”

All at Once – Jack Johnson

When I was a little kid the news had to be shielded from me. Upon catching wind of a meteor that was possibly headed our way, I wore my bike helmet in the house for a week. Upon hearing about the Oklahoma City bombing, I could not go anywhere without fixating my eyes on the exit and devising an escape route in my mind. And I looked at everyone as a suspect. These are a few examples. I would like to say as an adult times have changed, however times have NOT changed. I don’t have that detachment that many people can achieve when hearing about tragedy. Yes it makes other people feel sad, and they feel sympathy for those involved and the families but then they mostly can go about their day. I wish for that. I cannot go on with my days, weeks and sometimes months after hearing about tragedy. I carry it with me. I was never that person that thought they were invincible and had that ” it would never happen to me” mentality. I have the “Oh my goodness that could be me!” train of thought. Hello anxiety, no wonder you are ever presence in my life.

Lately I have been brought way down by the events and state of the world. I cannot tell if things are just really really bad right now, or it is the same level of evil and tragedy and bad that was always there, but when you are young you tend to not hear about it all, and with social media you hear about EVERYTHING that normally your regular newspaper or news channel might not cover. Either way I have had to stay off of Facebook because I was exposed to some horrific images, and tragedy after tragedy with people sharing news stories that I tend to avoid by not watching the news or reading the newspaper. I am not like you. I cannot go about my days.

It stops me in my tracks, it invades my mind and takes over and does not let go for weeks. And people in my life know it. They avoid talking to me about something they heard in the news, they stop the conversation about it the minute I walk in the room and they refuse to engage me if I keep pestering for more information because they know how I will internalize that information.

“Which way will you run, when it’s always all around you, and the feeling lost and found you again, a feeling that we have no control.”  All at Once, Jack Johnson

So what am I to do? Bury my head in the sand and only watch things with puppies and babies and sunshine and rainbows? This is not realistic. I am trying to find the balance between compassion without taking it all on. What I have been doing lately is switching up my gratitude journal. Instead of 5 things I am grateful for each day, I write 5 beautiful things about the world. Trying to counter balance the negative. It is something, and it helps but it is not enough. So for all you normal people out there who can watch and read the news without crawling into fetal position and feel like the world is crashing around you, I am open to your insights and words of positive encouragement.